8. Animated GIFs in Photoshop [Sneak Peek]

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OH! This is gonna be a FUN class…not that the others weren’t 🙂 Learning how to take an image beyond it’s static phase …teasing the viewer with movement, in 3 different ways.

This class is a ‘tip of the iceberg’ introduction in animation. It’s basic, but enough for us to be able to make some cute, funny & practical animated GIFs with just Photoshop  [and Illustrator for drawing if you want to]


    • what is a GIF
    • GIF types + examples
    • a bit of frame drawing
    • the timeline panel
    • frames & timing
    • 3 different types of GIFs
    • projects


We are not covering the actual drawing and handling of basic tools …that’s why it’s important you already have the basic knowledge in drawing and using Photoshop / Illustrator from previous classes. 

I at least recommend 2 classes relevant for GIF making:

    Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

   Vector Illustrations in Illustrator


Can’t wait to ‘see’ you there….stay amazing,
Em B-)


We learn the basics in this class for being able to do a GIF…but, we also cover 3 different types of GIFs that have slightly different techniques. The results also differ and so are the times you would use them / their purpose.

Here are the examples we did in the class:

1. Character animation

This is a frame-by-frame type of animation and we went through:
    • drawing the frames [draft …just outline]
    • timing of frames to mimic natural movements
    • testing the animation
    • adjusting animation …if needed
    • coloring frames
    • finished GIF

2. Process GIF

The animation that shows the process of an artwork …kind of a sneak peek into the process, from start to finish. It’s perfect for photo manipulation or digital painting….but really, for any kind of Photoshop project with a bunch of layers to play with. 

Steps & key aspects:
    • going in more depth into frames
    • taking each frame and deciding what do make visible on it
    • handling the multiple layers / masks / effects
    • timing for a smooth but not boring transition
    • learning how to make the process to emphasize the awesomeness of the artwork

3. Combo animated GIF

A bit of a combination between the first 2 … frame-by-frame technique + adding some frames directly in Photoshop for extra effects.

Steps & key aspects:
    • drawing the main subject
    • drawn style animation technique
    • adding some effects in Photoshop
    • managing the 2 techniques together
    • knowing your settings

• • •

Can’t wait to see what you’re up to! 🙂

…stay amazing,
Em B-)