7. Vector Illustrations in Illustrator [Sneak Peek]

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Well this is a FU*KING IMPORTANT class!! …..it’s all fun & games, BUT at the end of the class you will develop your own drawing technique for creating vector art in Illustrator! B-)  How cool is that?!

We are taking 1 illustration and adapting it for 3 totally different vector illustration styles…it’s all about learning the techniques, apply [play with] them and figure out which is meant for you!! 


    • recolor artwork feature
    • blending modes
    • masks [3 different types]
    • gradients
    • transparency
    • textures
    • blob brushing
    • live paint
    • enhancing / giving depth to a vector illustration


More than before, this class is a continuity of the previous class, as we are gonna be using artwork done in “the Handy Brander series: Shape Manipulation in Illustrator”


Can’t wait to ‘see’ you there….stay amazing,
Em B-)


Starting from the illustration done in the last class, we are enhancing it, giving it depth + reinterpreting the same character in 2 totally different techniques.

Before everythin, we went a bit into the recolor artwork feature and got those results:

Then, getting into the advanced shit….
1. Enhancing the shape composition illustration 

As you can see below, the depth is given by the shading, highlights & texture. 

Technique-wise we’ve used:
    • 3 different types of masking
    • blending modes
    • gradients
    • transparency
    • brushes
    • effects

2. Blob brush adaptation for the owl character

I’m calling it an adaption as I would not do the exact same owl character with this tool …..I use the blob tool when
    • allowing myself to be messier in my drawing
    • taking into consideration the stroke width variation
    • exaggerating the features almost to the point of it being a caricature
    • emphasizing the position / action …working with bold perspectives and dynamic angles

3. Live paint illustration

Technique-wise learning:
    • pencil tool
    • live paint tool
    • stroke width tool
    • combining techniques

• • •

Can’t wait to see what you’re up to! 🙂

…stay amazing,
Em B-)