6. Shape Manipulation in Illustrator [Sneak Peek]

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Yeeey!! We are starting this whole new exciting chapter….introducing, my best friend, Adobe Illustrator! 😀
…and what’s Illustrator best at? Shape creation & manipulation

Shape is at the core of any vector art in AI no matter the end result, whether it’s a logo, an illustration or layout etc. Learn to have control over the shapes that you create from the most basic ones to the most complex artwork.


    • what is a shape?
    • shape creation tools: standard & ….non-standard
    • the multiple possibilities of doing one thing [choose the right one at the right time]
    • the appearance panel
    • pathfinder
    • effects
    • reproducing a [complex] shape composition type of character

Can’t wait to ‘see’ you there….stay amazing,
Em B-)


Besides other exercises that we’ve done throughout the class to help us learn the shape creation tools, we’ve put  all the information learnt into creating this shape composition owl character

Starting from the actual owl character used as a reference, we learn how gain control over the tools in AI to redraw the character.

Here are some sneak peek into the process stages of the project.
Technique-wise, we’ve used:

    • standard shapes
    •  scale & rotate
    •  pathfinder in order to combine them / subtract from them
    •  effects in order to alter them
    •  the appearance panel
    •  pen tool for more undefined shapes

• • •

Can’t wait to see what you’re up to! 🙂

…stay amazing,
Em B-)