3. Photo Editing in Photoshop (and Camera Raw) [Sneak Peek]

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Photo editing is the first step into photo altering and it’s the least invasive [photo composition & photo manipulation are the others]. Whether you want to retouch some subject or camera ‘defects’ or you want to give the photo a more artistical approach / a certain feel, photo editing is gonna’ be your friend and a very handy basic skill …..well, duh….it is the Handy Brander series, right?!

You can do it in 2 ways, and we are gonna’ discuss both:

1. In Camera Raw – usually for when you take the photos [files in raw format]

2. In Photoshop – for any kind of photos & for more intense editing options


• what it is & when you use it 
[spoiler alert! ….almost all the time when using a lot of photos]

 1. CAMERA RAW [basic]

    • the power of camera raw
    • raw files vs .jpg
    • main adjustments [exposure, temperature, contrast, clarity etc…]
    • some basic editing tools
    • noise reduction [correction tools] 


    • adjustments the non-distructive way
    • adjustment layers [levels, hue & saturation, color overlay etc….]
    • blending modes
    • photo editing tools
    • tools specific for retouching
    • cropping tool for composition

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Here’s a project example that we managed to achieve by applying what we’ve learned in this class [you can see the making of the photo edit in the last lesson of the class]

Started from the original image

Then taking it through Camera Raw editing

And finally…..the most drastic changes happen by editing in Photoshop

Can’t wait to see what you’re up to! 🙂

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