2. “Cutting” Backgrounds in Photoshop [Sneak Peek]

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Cutting subjects out of their background….it sounds like one of those small things that everybody knows how to do, with some ‘one click’ app….and it sounds boring anyway! Right? 

Well, background cutting is indeed one of those things that everyone expects you to know, but do you really?! And it might seem ‘small’, but it’s one of the most essential [if that’s proper English] skill in my branding work. Websites, banners, flyers, book covers, you name it….they all use photos…..and I see a lot of crappy work out there because of poor cropping.

In this class you will:

    • start mastering the pen tool
    • learn to make use of layer & vector masks in Photoshop
    • ultimately, learn how to cut different subjects from their background [in a clean, professional way], from the simple ones to the more complex ones, like people with little to no contrast from their background


          • how NOT to do it & why

   1. PEN TOOL

          • what it does + elements         
          • types of anchor points
          • creating & manipulating paths
          • paths panel 
          • related pen tools
          • using the pen tool on the fly


          • what they are and when to use them
          • combining paths in vector masks
          • adjusting them


          • what they are and how to use them
          • color range selection
          • refining
          • fine refining with brushes 

Can’t wait to ‘see’ you there….stay amazing,
Em B-)


I wanted to share with you 2 of my favorite background options that I chose for the final project [after ‘cutting’ myself out of the background]

1. a funny one :)))))

2. a sexy & sleek, dark colored background one

Can’t wait to see your choices!

Don’t forget to play with dimensions, angles & positioning! 

….stay amazing,
Em B-)