11. Digital Typography in Illustrator [Sneak Peek]

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This class is the beginning of a new exciting chapter where we make text our artwork!

Not sure what you understand by ‘typography’, but let me tell you …this class is not only teaching you the basic usage of the type tool and it’s settings….no! …..we are going beyond all that shit [which is still important, obviously] and we are turning mere type into word art! [not the Microsoft Word one – ha ha]

Although the Handy Brander series focuses on execution, we do get out fair share of concept talk throughout this class, as it is really important in making choices about technique, style, font or other creative decisions.

I also need to mention the generous amount of practical exercises which are super fun [at least for me :D] and give you insight into the process of ‘text arting’ […if I can call it that] and an understanding of the huge amount of possibilities.


    • the type tool
    • character & paragraph settings
    • type tool variations
    • fonts & style importance
    • preset distortions
    • custom text altering
    • gradient text 
    • handwriting [hand-drawn] options
    • example projects
    • whole words creation exercises [modified & from scratch]
    • monograms exercises
    • advanced integration of symbols & negative space in type
    • guidelines to letter associations


Can’t wait to ‘see’ you there….stay amazing,
Em B-)


Yet another class packet with awesome & fun practical projects to get used to our new skills 🙂

You will see, we are not focusing on fancy effects, most of the artwork is black on white, as we are emphasizing the importance of shape ….and we are not focusing on technical shit and unimportant [to me] terminology.

    1. Modified Type

Here’s a work art made out of the modification of an existing font …now, I gotta be honest with you, this is a really extreme modification …more like a makeover, a new style, yet it’s created by combining elements from an existing font 🙂

    2. Hand-drawn Type

Pretty straightforward, a word art created from scratch, by drawing it with the blob tool 

    3. Meaning Integration Type

Getting to more advanced shit when we start integrating the meaning of the word in the graphical representation + using our awesome perspective skills 🙂

    4. Monogram Play

Focusing here more on each individual letter as there are only 2 or 3 tops in a monogram

…made this one after I was not really satisfied with the result from the class. Sometimes monogram making takes more time and even pauses to get a fresh look at your sketches.

    5. Final …Monster

Taking a very ‘giving’ word, full or crazy potential, we did two completely different artworks, by applying kind of everything we’ve learned in this class:
    • concept
    • letter association
    • finding adequate fonts
    • modifying the type
    • symbol suggestion
    • negative space
    • shape transformation
    • adding effects, gradients

• • •

Can’t wait to see what you’re up to! 🙂

…stay amazing,
Em B-)